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case study #1Pay Per Click Advertising is presently one of the most effective internet marketing techniques. For most companies using PPC it is the most effective technique, rivaled only by search engine optimization.

The PPC programs offered by Google and MSN look deceptively easy to create. And it's true that a reasonably intelligent person can set up a workable campaign themselves after studying the long instruction manuals. You can read Adwords'manual here.

So, if it's so easy, why would you want professional PPC management?

Do-it-yourself PPC advertising is just like do-it-yourself carpentry. Any reasonably handy person with a few basic hand tools can make a chair. Would you want that chair in your living room?

If you've created your own PPC programs, are you sure that you:

  • Targeted all of the relevant search terms?
  • Avoided all of the irrelevant search terms?
  • Have the optimal bidding strategy?
  • Have correctly designed and analyzed your A/B tests?

Doug Bates is a Qualified Google Adwords Professional Aderit's Principal, Doug Bates was one of the very first PPC managers that Google designated as a Google Adwords Professional. We run PPC campaigns for almost every client we have. Take a look at Case Study #1 to see what happens when Aderit turns around a home-made PPC program.

What does it cost? PPC spending

First, ask yourself how much business you're missing because you are not advertising on all of the appropriate terms or because you don't have well-written ads. Then ask yourself how much of your advertising is wasted because it is running on inappropriate terms.

Our typical client's improved PPC advertising earnings usually cover our initial fee in just a month or two, and our ongoing fees for maintaining this performance in the rapidly changing PPC marketplace are usually less than the money being wasted in our clients' previous sub-optimal bidding and targeting.

Plus, you don't have do the work yourself, or keep up with the constant changes the PPC programs make, or read those long instruction manuals.

Yes, that's all great you say, but give me a number.

It depends on the complexity of your business. At the small end, for a simple, narrowly focused business with only one basic product line or service our management fee may be as low as $1,000 per month. Large, complex business are, of course, much more, commonly upwards of $3,000 to $5,000 per month or more.

For PPC and other advertising management services we philosophically disagree with the common practice of charging a managment fee based on ad spending or click volumes, as these billing methods reward the advertising management firm for maximizing spending and click volumes rather than maximizing your business success. The virtue of such methods are that they are easy to explain and calculate, but Aderit's focus is in providing marketing success, not simple billing methods.

Sound interesting? Ask now for your free marketing analysis, or contact Aderit to get a PPC expert working on your PPC programs right away.

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