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Our Approach

Aderit's approach is different from firms typically offering internet advertising, web development, search engine optimization, and PPC management. To sum it up, Aderit sells marketing success. Surprisingly, this is a special service with few direct competitors. Our competitors are usually:

  • Advertising Agencies and Copywriters
    What do they sell? Advertising.

  • Web Designers
    What do they sell? Websites.

  • Search Engine Optimization Firms
    What do they sell? High search engine rankings.

These are all good and necessary services, but they are not the same as selling marketing success. They're just services that may or may not help your marketing. They may even hurt your marketing when combined with these marketing fallacies. In contrast, Aderit orchestrates advertising, copywriting, web design, and search engine optimization to make your business successful.

Roy H. Williams, known as the " Wizard of Ads," gives some profound advice about advertising that applies equally well to marketing:

"In one critical respect, the advertising business is unlike any other. The idea that the customer is always right may be true in every other business, but it will lead an advertising person to ruin.... The ad writer who believes the client is always right will give the client what he requests instead of what he really needs.... Never take the advice of an advertising person who is quick to agree with you."

Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, p. 17

If you're looking for a firm to just get eyeballs to your site, Aderit is not the firm for you.

Here are a few points of difference to give you a flavor of how Aderit's approach.

About Web Design

  • Fast beats fancy. Users won't tolerate slow loading sites.
  • Usability is critical. Frustrated users leave. Usability is more important than any other design factor.
  • It's counterintuitive, but ugly often sells. However, it depends on what you're selling. Perceived high production qualities send the wrong message when the positioning is value oriented.

About Web Copy

  • It's about the user, not the company. "You" (i.e., the customer) should be all over the copy. "We" should hardly appear.
  • People come to the web for information. Give them a lot. However, short copy is almost always best.
  • Writing for hypertext is different from writing for print. Users respond positively to copy that allows the user to get to whatever point they're interested in.
  • Copy should lead the user to where you want them to go.

About Search Engine Optimization

  • Search engine optimization is a fundamental usability practice.
  • Search engine optimization is not something one does after a website is built.
  • Tricking the search engines - or worse - the users, is self-defeating.
  • More about Search Engine Optimization.

About Market Research

  • Qualitative market research - especially focus groups - is highly suspect. Downright to the point of providing misinformation. People say what they think others want to hear. The purpose of market research is to get the truth. All too often, qualitative research doesn't do it. Market testing is the best alternative - one simply has to be clever about spending.

About Do It All Firms

  • While there are a few firms that are really large enough to provide a large array of services, the internet consulting market is full of jacks of all trades, masters of one, such as web hosting services that do search engine optimization, web designers who do heavy-duty programming, ad agencies that do web design, etc. Typically they do one thing well and the others poorly.
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