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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Aderit do search engine optimization?

  • Absolutely. Search engine optimization is essential for almost every online business. See more about our search engine optimization and marketing services.

  • Does Aderit create and manage PPC campaigns?

  • Yes. Pay Per Click advertising is presently the most effective online marketing technique for most companies.

  • Does Aderit place banner ads and other forms of online ads such as email newsletter sponsorships?

  • Yes, but seldom. The initial advertising models developed for the internet - particularly the banner ad - have shown themselves to be ineffective for advertisers. Every once in awhile we do see something that makes sense, and when we do, we include it in our marketing recommendations.

  • Does Aderit design websites?

  • Effective web design for marketing is poorly understood, not only by website owners, but especially by website designers. Website designers typically design to achieve objectives other than the creation of an economically successful website. They design to impress and flatter their clients, and to impress prospective clients and other web designers. You cannot blame them; that's how they get business. Consequently, the typical website put in the hands of a web designer falls far short of its business potential.

    Aderit works with your web designers to create a website that achieves your business objectives - not the designer's business objective. We provide advice and web content for achieving usability, search-engine friendliness, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Does Aderit perform web analytics?

  • Yes. This is the open secret to our approach.

  • "Aderit": It looks like one of those words that mean something in Latin. Does it?

  • Yes. It means "will be present." It is an allusion to the need for companies to not only be present on the internet, to be present in search engines and other relevant places on the internet, but also to be present to the needs of the marketplace.

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